Join the Wonderful Wimble Community

Being a community owned co-op childcare, Wimble Street has a truly unique family feel. As new Chair Kristy O’Donnell wrote in early June 2014:

“In our search for child care I visited many centres but to me, none of them came even close to the feel of Wimble St. I now know that comes from having some of the most dedicated staff in child care, and a close-knit group of parents who genuinely care about the place.

The parent-run co-operative is a dying art in an inner-city location like ours. More frequently, child care is being outsourced and corporatised, and with it, the sense of affiliation is diminished. I want Wimble to remain the extraordinary place that it is. In being involved in it’s running, I hope I can give something back to a place that has given our family so much.”

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